Invio's Internationalisation Strategy 2016-2018

Invio’s future internationalization inputs will focus on maximizing the innovation capacities of Danish Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME).  The objective is to help Danish SMEs to grow.

30. jun 2016

Invio's internationalization activities for the coming years will concentrate on maximizing the innovation capacities of Danish SMEs by opening doors to international knowledge and markets, and at the same time bringing the most outstanding international knowledge and expertise to Denmark.

The objective is to take Invio forward from being a well-known center of innovation and experience economy in Denmark to being well-known and respected throughout Europe. Based on the extensive promotional work and related dialogs undertaken by Invio as part of Innovation Express 2013, it was decided that its internationalization work would focus on the following in the given order of priority:-

·      To participate in European, Nordic or other third party financed projects that can increase the resources available to Danish enterprises; especially in networking.

·      To match the Danish network members directly with foreign enterprises seriously interested in business development and innovation.

·      To enter into collaboration on joint research and knowledge sharing activities with other clusters and networks.

·      To enter into collaboration on general knowledge sharing with other clusters and networks.

·      ....and in connection with the above, to raise external funding for relevant activities, investigate the possibilities for applications for international funding and to initiate such applications or collaborate with others to initiate international applications.

International Collaboration Partners.

The objective of Innovation Express 2013 was to build partnerships and transnational collaboration through clusters and networks based on existing centers, networks and clusters within the European IT-based Experience Economy.

Through the Innovation Express 2013 project and two other Innovation Express projects in 2015 we have gained, among other things, good experience of matching Danish enterprises engaged in "experience-related business" with foreign partners. Similarly, we have identified and documented sound opportunities for establishing collaboration between Danish SMEs and European SMEs and, in addition have documented strong interest in internationalization activities, both from our Danish members and from a long list of foreign clusters, networks and other organizations that work with innovation and growth for SMEs.

At the time of writing, Invio has received written expressions of interest in collaboration from clusters and networks in the following countries, and the list continues to grow:

·      Norway

·      Sweden

·      Poland

·      Germany

·      Russia

·      Romania

·      Italy

·      Spain

·      Portugal

·      France

·      Austria

·      England

·      Belgium

·      Greece

·      Estonia

·      Holland

Invio works constantly to develop and arrange activities that can maximize the innovation capacities of Danish SMEs.  These activities create added value for the participating SMEs by making available and facilitating access to international knowledge about business development, finding collaboration partners through matchmaking and opening up opportunities for participation in international projects with enterprises and knowledge centers from other countries, as well as participation in international networks.

For further information about how your enterprise can participate in Invio’s international innovation activities please contact Invio’s Cluster Coordinator, Claus Østergaard at