Invio held Bornholm workshop on experience technologies

In connection with The Knowledge-Bridge Project, Invio in October 2017 issued invitations to a workshop on the theme of experience technologies at the Danish Island of Bornholm. There were many participants from Bornholm's experience enterprises, all of which were interested in strengthening their enterprises with new technological developments in order to give their guests an even better experience.

02. maj 2018

The Knowledge-Bridge Project receives support from the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education; an arrangement that will continue until the end of 2018. The aim is to develop a new digital platform for matchmaking between Danish SMEs in the experience business, technology orientated SMEs and institutional knowledge centers, thus creating a basis for new collaboration and innovation. The ambition is that the platform, which will be available for use free of charge, will come to function as a meeting place for enterprises in the experience economy that seek to expand their areas of business through the creation of new networks and collaboration. The purpose of the workshops was to get information about the needs and motivations of participating enterprises in relation to the digital matchmaking platform.

The workshop was held at The Bornholm Tower, which was formerly a high-security military establishment in The Cold War, and has now been converted into an experience center. Among other facilities, the center has a 70-meter high tower that was used for intercepting communications from the old Warsaw-Pact countries.

During the introduction to the workshop, a series of experience technologies were presented along with descriptions of their potential for practical use and application. The presentation mentioned some well-known existing technologies such as touch-screens and movement sensors, but also included cutting-edge technologies; i.e. holograms and various augmented reality solutions. The objective of the presentation was to inspire participants with the technologies that could be relevant for their respective enterprises.

After the presentation, the participants could start considering how they might benefit from the technologies. Among other things they were asked to reflect on the technologies for which they could see potential as well as any possible challenges and barriers that could arise in connection with eventual implementation in their enterprises - and not least, how they could overcome those challenges and barriers. Then the participants were invited to find the best ways of presenting the selected technologies along with their potential uses and benefits for their enterprises.

Finally, Invio presented a prototype for the digital matchmaking platform that has the objective of facilitating new collaboration between the experience industry and the technology providers.  The objective of the platform is help to overcome the challenges that could arise when implementing technology that the participants themselves have identified during the workshop.

Generally, the participants saw a lot of potential for the digital platform, and several participants were ready to be included among its first users when it is launched. In addition, the afternoon had contributed to providing participants with better insights into the potential of the various technologies and how they might help to enrich their respective enterprises.

Altogether, the workshop can be seen as a good example of the activities and projects Invio is carrying out in collaboration with the Danish Experience enterprises.

As well as presentations and creative assignments from Invio, the workshop also offered exiting video films about technology.

Kristian Maul from the Aalborg-based technology enterprise Bunker 43 explained how they use technology to enhance the exciting historical events covered by museums. Bunker 43 works with many different technologies; for example, interactive screens, augmented reality and game development.

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There was also a virtual visit by Klaus Sommer Paulsen from AdventureLAB in Aarhus that, among other things, develops themed concepts. Klaus explained how important it is to have a basic concept in place before starting to implement technology in an enterprise.

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In conclusion, ARoS's Project Manager, Marianne Bargeman presented ARoS Public. The development includes a modern assembly house with workshops, a studio, a lounge and, not least, exciting technologies. ARoS Public has implemented three technologies that help to involve their guests with art in a new and innovative way. Among other things, eye-tracking is used, transparent and interactive screens as well as movement sensors to give guests a new experience of art.

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