Invio has been awarded the Silver Label of Cluster Management Excellence in the autumn of 2017

Invio - Innovation Network for Experience Economy has been awarded the Silver Label of Cluster Management Excellence. The award came after several months during which Invio went through the certification process developed by The European Cluster Excellence Initiative, and implemented by The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) on behalf of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative.

02. maj 2018

For Invio, silver certification is an important step along the road between bronze certification that marks a desire to develop a systematic approach to cluster management, and gold certification that confirms the highest international standard for cluster management and operation. Silver certification thus confirms that in recent years Invio has made significant progress in cluster management and management processes for the benefit of the innovation networks' members, and Danish business life. In particular, Invio has implemented improvements on such points as the degree of collaboration within the cluster, development of strategies for the cluster, and the general performance of the cluster.

At the same time, the specific indicators named in the silver certification process show that Invio, continues to move steadily ahead towards establishing itself as a high-level international cluster organization for experience enterprises and creative industries. Invio's strategic objective is to take the next step towards becoming a certificated gold cluster during 2018.

Silver certification provides new and improved opportunities for Invio to look after innovation and development on behalf of the Danish experience enterprises and creative industries. In connection with the silver certification Invio's cluster manager, Professor Jens F. Jensen says:

"Silver certification means a great deal to Invio. It not only acknowledges our work with clusters of experience enterprises and creative industries in recent years, but also opens up future opportunities to apply for additional European resources allocated to international collaboration projects, just as the certification ensures that Invio can apply for the continuation of the network for a new period at the appropriate time in 2018.”

The achieved silver certification is valid for a period of two years.