The Invio Experience Technology Solution

The Invio Solution is your opportunity to get counselling, guidance and input from experienced business insiders and the academic world on your idea and product.

05. sep 2018

What Is the Invio Solution?

The Invio Solution is about your innovative idea. The challenge is for anyone who has developed a new and exciting way of using what is defined as experience technology. The focus of the challenge is to explore the latest forms of experience technology and to dig into the potential of new and unknown types of experience technology. What are the new ways of engaging customers through technology in theme parks, at attractions, events within gastronomy or tourism? If you have the answer, then we are looking for you!

What Are The Criteria?

  • The following criteria are determining for selecting the winner:
  • The winner has to create innovation through new types of technology
  • The winner has to actively involve guests or participants through the use of technology
  • The technologies used have to give the users a new type of experience or strengthen the existing experiences
  • The winner has to have the potential to transfer from one sector to another. 

How Do I Participate?

You do that by clicking here: Submit business concept

The link takes you directly to our submission system where you can upload your business concept. Don’t worry, you can create an account now, look at the questions and return later to fill out the submission form. This way, you have time to think about your answers thoroughly before submitting.

The deadline for submission is September 16, 2018, 23:59:59 UTC

Learn More About Experience Technology

Experience technologies are technologies that create new types of involvement and experiences for guests and participants. This goes for anything from guests at theme parks, attractions, events to food festivals, shopping malls and the retail industry in general.

Experience technologies can be based on anything from mobile technologies to portable technologies – the so-called wearables – to fixed or physical digital installations. Examples of experience technologies are:  

  • Beacons, smartwatches, biosensors, digital or interactive installations based on motion sensors.
  • Variations of different immersive screen technologies, Augmented and Virtual Reality, holograms and world building through sound, that all emphasize the atmosphere or experience in a given physical environment. Many of these kinds of technologies have a magical effect on the surroundings as they continue to become more and more invisible. The effects are not at first accredited the technologies due to the integration of the used technology. 
  • The content of experience technology is usually a guide to inform guests, entertain them or support learning. The use of these technologies stretches all the way from service information to creating worlds of experiences and wonder you want to get lost in.