Events as an Innovation Platform – A Step by Step Guide

Events are often a great place to try out new innovative ideas. Some are great for presenting new innovativ concepts and others are a great place to actually test an idea directly on the audience. You can do a trial, a prototype or a small sample of services or product.

11. mar 2019

Invio offers you a 6 step guide to transform your event into a platform for innovation. The guide can be used both by event organisers, corporations and innovation talents.

Step 1 – Scope and goal

What is the overall purpose of the innovation activity? And how does is combine with the audience, the target group and the overall values of the event?

At this step you must determine the goals and criteria and find the common interests and values of the event and the companies involved.

Step 2 – Dissemination

Kick-off and start spreading the word to engage companies, innovation agents and experts in the activities. Make an overview of relevant dissemination channels to reach your target group. Next step is shaping a plan and making the presentations, so you are ready to start disseminating the invitations to the right participants. An idea is to gather information or do an evaluation, that makes it possible to disseminate the results and findings of the activities.

Step 3 – Invitation of Expert Jury

Find your expert jury and screeners. Who should be your experts and evaluate the innovative ideas?

Screeners can help you select the best ideas and concepts for the event. Invite relevant people to spend a short amount of time screening the ideas and concepts.

Identify experts that can help you and maybe judge the innovation concepts during the event. Send them an invitation and remember to be clear on practical information and their role.

Step 4 – Media and Exposure

Agree on who, how and when to promote the innovation activities. Maybe the participating innovation agents and companies want to create press releases and media exposure. Make sure to have guidelines on, who can do what when everything is ready for takeoff. You probably all want to get attention, so make sure you have some ground rules. You might assist with using your organization’s communication platforms.

Step 5 – Selection and presentation

Plan in advance how you will select the finalists. Are you working with partners/companies and will they be a part of this process? Are you selecting the finalists based on the screening results? 

Step 6 – Negotiation with selected companies

What about the next step? Is there at posibility of future collaboration? You must plan to do a follow up and start matchmaking a potentiel collaboration rigth after the event. You can prepare contact information to hand out to companies, who want to engange in futher collaboration. Encorage dialog and planning of the first step towards collaboration.  

The Process – an example

Creative Business Cup has engaged corporations and authorities in collaborating with talents and startup on innovation on specific topics or challenges. Below is a graphic example of the process Creative Business Cup has presented and used to plan and complete the use of an event as an innovation platform.

Do you what to know more or do you have an idea to make your event a platform of innovation, please contact: