Christiansø and the living community

In recent years Invio has worked intensively with innovation in outlying areas of Denmark.  The objective has been to get companies with very different backgrounds to work together to develop locally based experiences that can attract visitors and tourists as well as possible new residents.  In other words, to add greater value for the area and the community and improve the value basis.  This work includes, for example, Hundested, Møn and Bornholm to name only the venues that have produced exceptional results.

05. sep 2018

Now we can mention a completely new and exciting venue to be developed; namely, Denmark’s most easterly point, The Ertholm Islands, better known by the name of the main island, Christiansø. The Ertholm Islands lie some 20 km to the east of the Danish island of Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea.

The islands were originally developed as part of Denmark’s defences to provide protection against invading nations approaching Denmark from that direction. Later, the community became a fishing community still under the Ministry of Defence, but with today’s prevailing maritime situation there is no longer any fishing industry in the islands, and a third period of development is now underway; “The Living Community”.  The fewer than 100 residents are engaged partly with the maintenance of buildings and partly with running local businesses, sometimes by marriage partners of Ministry of Defence employees, as well as looking after the island’s education service for the 12 or so children up to 7th grade. 

A two-day workshop was arranged for the island’s residents plus two managers and employees of the Ministry of Defence, the Christiansø ferry service owners and several personalities with expertise in the marketing of cultural heritage and history, along with others with special insight, experience or interest in the creation of growth and development for communities with such special characteristics as Christiansø.

It resulted in a fantastic collection of ideas generated during a four-hour walk around the island with every single point of interest forming the framework for creating possible new experiences.

The illustrator, Robert Sigaard made sketches of the thoughts” that came forward and they later provided inspiration for the work groups identifying the potential benefits and hindrances related to each idea.  This involved a lot of work that culminated in the production of a large catalogue of realistic proposals that, in the coming period will be further examined in terms of economic, cultural heritage and environmental considerations in relation to how “a living community” can become the next chapter in the development of the Ertholm Islands.

The concrete knowledge and experience can be used directly in small and medium large communities in Denmark, and it is Invio’s task to share these with as many as possible so that the entire Danish Experience Industry can benefit from the work.

For further information, please refer to project manager: Georg Julin

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