The Invio Experience Technology Solution 2019

Once again the Invio Experience Technology Solution was held within the Global Finals of the Creative Business Cup. This year's winners were Audioplay from Australia.

06. sep 2019

The Invio Experience Technology Solution has been carried out two times previously featuring 2017 winners Mixtroz from the USA and 2018 winners ConfigReality from China.

In 2019 the impressive field of participants were:

Cryptic Cargo from Finland

Audioplay from Australia

Isotopy from Spain:

Time Warp from Denmark:

Lazarillo from Mexcio:

Audioplay was picked as the winner of this year’s solution for their exciting combination of new technologies and content targeted a relevant market where there is an obvious need to innovate.

In the video from the event you can learn more about Audioplay and Lazarillo and their thoughts about participating in the Creative Business Cup and The Invio Experience Solution.

The jury for the 2019 Invio Experience Technology Solution consisted of Julien Fredonie, Sérgio Oliveira, Per Beck Hansen, Suwanchai Lohawatanakul and Søren Smed.

Invio and CBC wishes to thank all participants and jury members.


What Is the Invio Solution?

The Invio Solution is about your innovative idea. The challenge is for anyone who has developed a new and exciting way of using what is defined as experience technology. The focus of the challenge is to explore the latest forms of experience technology and to dig into the potential of new and unknown types of experience technology. What are the new ways of engaging customers through technology in theme parks, at attractions, events within gastronomy or tourism? If you have the answer, then we are looking for you!

What is the prize?

The prize at the Invio Experience Technology Solution is 1.000 Euro.

To learn more about the Invio Experience Technology Solution and Creative Business Cup please follow this link: