ECFI: European Conference on the Future Internet, Munich

08. sep 2014

The 2nd European Conference on the Future Internet (ECFI) in Munich on the 17th – 18th of September 2014 aims at bringing together key stakeholders to discuss how Europe can achieve global leadership in ICT by 2020 through innovative Internet technologies. In this context, industry stakeholders, especially SMEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups, and political stakeholders will discuss central socio-economic and technological topics of Future Internet infrastructures and services in Europe. The conference is targeted to SMEs and start-ups owning an innovative idea able to penetrate the market and be the basis for a sustainable business. They seek people who are passionate and willing to lead transformations in the daily life of people, organizations or businesses.

The event will present cutting-edge research results on the European Internet infrastructures and services of the future, which have been developed in the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP). The FI-PPP is a European programme for Internet-enabled innovation aiming to accelerate the development and adoption of Future Internet technologies in Europe through the 16 accelerators.

The programs include conference, exhibition, awards, and networking dinner on the 17th of September 2014 and Techno Brunch and SME Training Day on the 18th of September 2014. The conference will be held in Technical University Munich, Department of Informatics, Garching.

The 16 FIWARE accelerators will not only be present at the event, but will also be open to proposals and available for those who want to talk personally to them. On behalf of FABulous project as one of the 16 accelerator specialized in digital manufacturing and 3D printing, CKO will present during the conference. 



For further information, please contact Leonardo Ronald Satria at or (+45) 2383 0743.