Cross-Sector Innovation

The handbook focuses on the interaction of “traditional’ busi­nesses and sectors that belong to those known as the creative and the experience industries, i.e. designers, musicians, stage-artists, festivals, event organizers, computer game developers, media, amusements and attractions, amongst others. 

02. maj 2019

In this handbook we use the collective term experience experts, as this is precisely what they have in common - their expertise in experience - and because this expertise is what makes collabo­rating with experts from these industries worthwhile. Our main point is that collaboration with experience experts can lead to new value, because these experts have new perspectives on customers, users, audiences, guests etc. and have other angles on communication and development. This value can be harnessed if one can pinpoint the correct point of departure for collaboration, i.e. define who would be the right partners to have, and create a framework that will ensure that one can have a good, business-oriented dialogue. This is exactly what this handbook can help you achieve.

The handbook has three chapters. All three deal with a spe­cific point in the process that is to ensure successful cross-sector partnerships.

Chapter 1 – Experience-based Competitive Advantages focuses on your business from an experience perspec­tive and on how you move ahead of your competition. The chapter provides insight on the many different opportunities waiting to be exploited, and the areas within the company in which they can make a difference.
Chapter 2 – The Right Experience Experts is about finding the right experience experts for a given business collaboration.
Chapter 3 – Collaboration Start Up presents strategies for collaboration with the creative and experience industries. You can use this chapter and its exercises at the onset of your collaboration with a creative person, experience expert or business and just need to ensure that you get together and balance the project so that it gains focus and direction and is relevant for your business.