Mixtroz are the winners of The Invio Solution at the 2017 Creative Business Cup

As it has become a custom Invio also this year facilitated a special event, a solution, as an integrated part of the 2017 Creative Business Cup. The Creative Business Cup Global Finals are generally acknowledged as the world championships for creative industry entrepreneurs. The event takes place annually, and in 2017, it took place in Copenhagen from 15 – 16 November.

The Invio Solution was about innovative and exciting ways of using experience technology. The finalists were thus startups who had explored and challenged the potential of Experience Technology in everyday life. Whether the objective is bringing people closer together or bringing nature closer to people, the finalists in 2017 had developed some very interesting solutions to common challenges in today’s world.

Invio created a short movie from the event in which you can see and hear the participants present themselves, explain their understanding of experience technologies and reflect a little bit upon the 2017 Creative Business Cup.

The winner of the The Invio Experience Technology Solution in 2017 are Mixtroz from the USA. The Jury Said:

“The mother and daughter team demonstrated a deft ability to speak in front of any audience, a clear idea and execution of their product and solutions. The team is competent and ideal for this type of business, as is their branding and marketing strategy. Mixtroz creates a new approach with its product, by improving upon the often-dreaded activity of networking. We hope to see a more playful format by gamifying future networking and take a more creative approach to the product to stand out. With this award, we hope to see Mixtroz become a powerful networking experience.“ Invio congratulates Mixtroz with this prize and hope they will succeed in taking their business even further. 


The four finalists participating in the Invio Solution Category in 2017 were:

Mixtroz: The mission behind Mixtroz is to make networking at conferences easier and worthwhile. Through an in app survey, conference hosts are able to gather big data on their attendees and additionally attendees can meet up with peers who will provide value to their current situation. The mission is simply to “Connect people NOT profiles at live events.” http://www.mixtroz.com/

AWE: AWE gives sound a completely new sound. Focusing on spatial sound, the Copenhagen based startup creates a universe of sound that can be implemented with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or 360 videos. The special sound universe provides clients in the travel- and tourism industry along with museums with new opportunities to create unique experiences for the end client. https://theawe.dk/

Kelosound Oy: In this fast-paced world, we are exposed to millions of impressions every minute, and many of us forget to take five and let our minds rest. The Finnish startup, Kelosound Oy, has made nature’s peace and quiet the essence of their business idea. KELOSOUND® seeks to bring nature closer to people in urban areas by combining naturally dried wood, soothing vibrations and calming sounds from the Finnish nature. http://kelosound.com/

Rift Estate: It is inefficient to present 3D ideas using 2D elements -few people have the sense of depth and amount of imagination it takes. This is the main objective behind the US based startup Rift Estate, that provides architects and real estate agents the possibility of showing their projects to client using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions. This will give the end client an opportunity to experience their new house or office building, and may thus have a positive effect on sales. https://www.rifttime.com/rift-estate