Welcome to Innovation Network for Experience Economy

Invio is the Danish Innovation network for Experience Economy. The fundamental idea behind Invio’s work is that experiences are not restricted to one industry or a specific type of businesses. Experiences must be considered a cross-disciplinary innovation-tool, which, on a very basic level, can help revitalize every company’s products, services, communication, organization, sales etc. 


The network is partly funded by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and it is one of 22 national innovation networks in Denmark. Even though many national as well as international reports have identified the experience economy and creative industries as a central area of economic growth, there has been a lack of research-based knowledge on how successful experience-based development processes are initiated and implemented. Over the past five years the Invio network has done a great amount of research on this area and has carried out a knowledge-supported effort to help utilize the growth and job-creating potential in the experience economy.

Invio focuses on

  • Experience-based product and service innovation
  • Experience-based business development, i.e. the development of business models and value chains

We launch innovation-projects within the following five overall areas in the expereince economy:

  • Events
  • Attractions and Theme parks
  • Tourism
  • Gastronomy
  • Experience-based Technologies


The partnership behind the Invio network consists of Roskilde University, the Danish Technological Institute, The Center for Culture and Experience Economy and Aalborg University. The partners represent some of the central innovation and knowledge centers within the Danish experience economy. Thus, the innovation projects launched in Invio are based on state-of-the-art research and knowledge on the experience economy; scientific methods and results are applied in the development and innovation work.

 International perspective

Invio are constantly looking to expand our international partnership to include even more clusters, networks and organizations from all over Europe. We do this to support cross-border innovation for our business members (SME’s). Our business members are among the best of what they do within the experience economy, and they are increasingly seeking international business partners. If you want to be collaborate with Invio, please let us know.

 Contact information

For further information and questions please contact the Invio secretariat at Aalborg University, info@invio-net.dk